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Dr Lakshmi CP

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Dr Ranjit Hari V

Monday to Saturday

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Dr Harikrishnan U

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  • Dr Lakshmi - CP MD, DM (SGPGI)
  • Dr Harikrishnan U - MD (Radiodiagnosis) FRCR
  • Dr Ranjit Hari V - MS (JIPMER) Mch (SGPGI), FMAS, FIMSA

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Welcome to The Gastro Centre

Problems related to digestive health are on the rise in the last few years, mostly related to changes in our lifestyle. We offer care for all your gastroenterology related issues ranging from disorders of digestion to liver diseases.

If you have any of the following problems…

    • Persistent abdominal pain
    • Vomiting of blood or bleeding from rectum
    • Bloating, nausea or vomiting
    • Jaundice or yellow eyes/urine
    • Any form of liver disease, including fatty liver
    • Any lump in your abdomen
    • Any doubt of cancer in the gastrointestinal tract

Its time you consulted your gastroenterologist !

The gamut of diseases that come under the purview of a gastroenterologist range from the ever common complaint of “gas” to the most complex liver tumours. The Gastro centre offers comprehensive protocol based care for all such gastroenterological problems with the help of experienced doctors, dedicated ancillary staff and state of the art equipment.

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Gastroenterology Specialist in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterology Hospital in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
Chronic liver disease including cirrhosis and liver tumours

Best Gastroenterology Hospital in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterology Hospital in Trivandrum
Hepatitis B and C infections

Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
GI malignancies

Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum

Best Gastroenterology Doctors in Trivandrum

Areas of special focus

in the Gastro Centre

Best Gastroenterology Doctors in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterology Doctors in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterology Doctors in Trivandrum

Best Gastroenterology Doctors in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterology Doctors in Trivandrum
Obstructive jaundice due to any cause

Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
Acute and chronic pancreatitis

Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
Best Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease

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Best Gastroenterology Hospital in Trivandrum Kerala
Dr. Ranjith Hari V


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Dr. Lakshmi Gastroenterologist in Trivandrum
Dr. Lakshmi CP

MBBS, MD (General Medicine), DM (Gastroenterology)

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Gastro Centre Facilities

Preventive Gastroenterology

Globally, in the recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of cirrhosis cases. This condition, in which the liver gets damaged, may happen due to various causes, including alcohol, hepatitis B, hepatitis C etc. If detected early, certain causes of cirrhosis have very effective treatment options. If detected very late, only liver transplantation can save the patient. The Gastro Centre not only offers the most modern available treatment options for patients with cirrhosis, but also tries to go one step ahead into preventive gastroenterology, for early detection of conditions like hepatitis B, through public awareness programme, promotion of vaccination, regular family screening of affected persons etc. Fatty liver is another silent killer which has been increasing in Kerala in epidemic proportions. We are striving towards early detection, and educating people about the major role played by lifestyle modifications in the management of this condition. Many public awareness programmes have been conducted by our gastroenterologists towards this goal.We believe in the saying-“ A healthy liver for a healthy life”.

  • Medical Gastroenterology OPD
  • Surgical Gastroenterology OPD
  • Pharmacy
  • Ultrasound Scan
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Endoscopy Services to be started soon
Gastroenterology doctors in Kerala

Frequently Asked Questions

Fatty liver is a condition where fat globules get accumulated inside the liver cells which later leads on to damage to liver cells and may result in scarring and cirrhosis of liver.

Yes. Fatty liver is becoming increasingly common especially in Kerala, mostly due to changes in our diet patterns. We are now seeing fatty liver even in school children and very young adults. It is also very common in diabetics.

The commonest cause of fatty liver in Kerala is still alcohol. Fatty liver is said to be the first stage of liver damage due to alcohol. This later leads on to alcohol induced cirrhosis. But, now a days we are seeing a lot of fatty liver cases among people who are not alcoholics and in those who consume small amounts of alcohol. The commonest cause for this is faulty lifestyle. Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and lack of physical activity are the main culprits leading on to fatty liver. Other genetic causes of liver disease and hepatitis C virus infection can also present as fatty liver disease.

Unfortunately fatty liver per se has no symptoms. Some patients have a mild dragging sensation in the upper right side of their abdomen due to the drag of a heavy liver. Once fatty liver progresses on to cirrhosis the patients develop symptoms like swelling of the legs or abdomen, jaundice, vomiting of blood, altered level of consciousness etc. But by the time these symptoms develop, the liver disease would have become very advanced.

Fatty liver progresses in only a minority of patients but if it progresses it leads on to cirrhosis and all its complications including vomiting of blood, accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, liver related coma or even liver cancer rarely.

The only treatment which had been consistently proven to change the course of fatty liver is lifestyle modifications, mainly regular exercises, low fat diet and weight reduction . Whatever other treatment given for fatty liver would be incomplete without these interventions. Whenever there is an abnormality in liver function tests as part of fatty liver, your doctor might prescribe medicines to correct those abnormalities.

To a great extent fatty liver is a preventable lifestyle disease. The main preventive measures is a healthy lifestyle especially to stop alcohol use, do regular exercises, which should be done even if you are not obese, since fatty liver can occur in non obese persons also. Reducing the carbohydrates and fat in your diet also goes a long way in keeping you healthy. A healthy liver is a must for a healthy life and let is take care of our liver through a healthy lifestyle.

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